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Audrina Ennis

A native of the Pacific Northwest and a long-time resident of the South Florida coast, Audrina is an avid outdoor adventurer with a life-long passion for the protecting the environment. After relocating to Atlanta to escape the devastation of Hurricane Irma, she put her passion to work as a Realtor with specialty expertise in sustainable eco-friendly living.

As a member of Team Sterling, Audrina helps home buyers in metro Atlanta locate the home of their dreams and navigate the home buying process with ease. Her passion for sustainability and desire to help others improve their quality of life drives her to deliver Sterling service to every home buyer every step of the way.

Audrina is one of only 100 Realtors in the state of Georgia holding the Green Designation from the National Association of Realtors. Environmental and health conscious home buyers appreciate the expertise she offers in purchasing eco-friendly homes and LEED certified new construction designed with a focus on sustainable materials, reduced consumption, and improved quality of living. Her expertise extends to educating all home buyers on maximizing the benefits of retrofitting their home purchase with energy efficient appliances, sustainable power sources, and other green home improvements to increase home value, access tax benefits, and lower utility bills.

Audrina has also partnered with renowned Atlanta interior designer and fellow environmentalist Jillian Cooke, the founder of Wellness Within Your Walls, to provide education about the environmental and health implications associated with the furnishing and products used within the home. This partnership gives Sterling buyers unique resources to creating a better, healthier quality of life.

“Being a Realtor gives me the opportunity to help people attain a better, healthier quality of life in their homes and communities. I am proud of the difference I make in the lives of my home buyers.”

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