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Billy Mixon

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Billy Mixon

A lot of Buckhead and Brookhaven’s Old Guard know of “Billy P” Mixon. Our Billy is his grandson, one of amazing Inside Sales Agents and Community Engagement Specialists. A born and raised ATLien, Billy is really outgoing. So outgoing he make extroverts seem like introverts. It’s a mindset that helps him overcome objections when he’s on the phone finding off market properties for our buyers and converting inquiries for open house attendees into offers for our sellers. He’s also big into the outdoors and goes hiking and camping often. His spare time is spent volunteering at Skyland Trail, an organization that operates mental health treatment centers for adults. In his own words Billy says, “I’m lucky enough to be a part of a great team that offers me opportunities for personal and professional development and surrounds me with like-minded people that want to continually grow which is most important to me.”

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