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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Home Real Estate in Atlanta and Moving Tips

We want to congratulate you on the purchase of your first home. Your home real estate agent from Sterling Real Estate in Atlanta helped you find the perfect property and you are eager to move in and call it home. Of course, you aren’t really looking forward to the actual move itself, nobody like to… read more

Real Estate Office in Atlanta and What to do with Your Garage

When searching properties for sale in Atlanta, many of the houses you see will have a garage, perhaps even two or three. You know, the place where you keep your automobile safe and protected from the elements. Many of you might also use the garage to store those bikes you never ride or that old… read more

Your Real Estate Company in Atlanta Urges You to Finish Your Basement

It sounds like an enormous undertaking having your basement finished or refinished. Well, it probably is. Even if you are pretty handy with a set of tools and knowledgeable about remodeling, you will still likely need help. Many people simply shrug off the notion of getting their basement finished and simply move on with their… read more