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In our last blog, we explained the difference between OTP and ITP. As you may remember, living ITP means you live inside the perimeter in the heart of Atlanta. If you live OTP, you live in its surrounding suburbs. Although we highlighted the perks of living ITP, we failed to mention the perks of living OTP. If you have a family, living outside the perimeter might be the best option for you.


Unfortunately, one of the major downfalls of living in an urban environment is crime. It’s not unusual to have your car broken into in the city if you leave it parked on the street overnight. Although crime happens anywhere, including the suburbs, it won’t occur at the frequency it would in the city.


Depending on where you live, urban living can be downright noisy. If the sound of traffic from a busy city street keeps you up at night, consider moving outside the perimeter. The only noise you’ll hear at night is the crickets and birds chirping outside, which is rather soothing.

More Space

Perhaps one of the main reasons people migrate to the suburbs is because the cost of living is lower, which means you can buy a larger home. Your little city home could be busting at the seams, so moving even slightly outside of the perimeter could be helpful. For those of you who love a big yard, Atlanta’s suburbs have so much to offer. You may even find your ITP friends trekking to your home on the weekends to enjoy a barbecue in your yard.


Better Schools

Suburban Atlanta can offer excellent school districts depending where you look. Finding a home in Atlanta’s good school districts can be pricey and difficult, as the market is incredibly competitive. However, most of the best school districts are located outside the perimeter.You might have more luck searching suburban areas to find a great public school for your kids.

Still Close to the City

Just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean that you can’t hop in your car and hit up your favorite Atlanta restaurant. Some suburbs are less than a half hour away from Atlanta, so entering the city isn’t as inconvenient as people make it out to be.


If you have a family, the suburbs are great because they offer a community of other like-minded individuals. If you’re a mom, you’ll find other moms to connect with and enjoy their company. Your kids could make friends in their own neighborhood and maybe even be able to ride their bikes to their buddies’ homes. Riding bikes on the streets of Atlanta is a parent’s worst nightmare. Your entire family could benefit from the family-friendly environment suburbs offer.

Whether you decide to live ITP or OTP, our experienced Atlanta real estate company can help you. Our real estate agents will get to know you and help you buy a home you will love inside or outside of the perimeter. Contact the Team Sterling real estate office in Atlanta to get started. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

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