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A growing number of people in the real estate market are looking to buy a condo rather than rent an apartment or purchase a home. Why are condos hot in the real estate market? There are several reasons.

While housing, in general, is characterized by a number of benefits and cons, each type comes with its own ups and downs. That is, there are pros and cons in buying a house, a condo and even in renting. A lot of the pro and cons of housing have to do with the buyer. For example, there are people who enjoy doing yard work and therefore owning a condo without a yard to care for is not a benefit in their eyes.

Investing in any type of property is a complicated process. It all starts with the type of place you wish to buy. From there you need to decide the location, floor plans you desire and a multitude of other considerations.

You might be stuck right out of the gate having a difficult time deciding which type of property you want to buy. If you are leaning towards buying a condo, there are plenty of reasons this is a wise choice.

Sterling Real Estate, your real estate company in Atlanta, offers reasons why buying a condo might make perfect sense for you.


Generally speaking, condos are built in business districts, downtown areas and around universities, all parts of the city that thrive. These are areas that are popular so condos tend to draw a nice variety of people. Also, if you buy a condo to rent, you are more likely to rent to a trendy family of busy professionals.

Most condo complexes are full of amenities. For starters, many have secure places to park your vehicle, heated pools for your enjoyment and a fitness center that allows you to stay fit without having to travel to a gym.

You might even find a luxury condo that offers shuttle services or has a doorman available to assist you 24 hours a day. Other upscale developments may offer dog walking, housekeeping and even in-home chefs.

You Love To Socialize

If you love to socialize but don’t live close to your friends, a condo is just what you need.

Living in a condo means you are a part of a community. The living arrangement means you are much more likely to run into neighbors than if you lived in a house in the suburbs. It is also highly likely you will meet neighbors and make friends at the gym, swimming pool or at any of the other amenities offered at your condo.

Low Maintenance

One of the main advantages of owning a condominium is that you aren’t responsible for much of the maintenance that needs to be done. This means that instead of spending your weekends cleaning gutters, mowing the lawn and fixing the roof, you can do pretty much whatever you desire.

In fact, there are a lot of things homeowners do that will never get on your “to do” list. For example, most condo owners will never have to paint the exterior of their home, fix a broken sprinkler head or pull weeds from the lawn.

Just think about all of the fun things you can do instead of working up a sweat pushing a mower in the sweltering heat of summer.

Less Money

Typically, people spend less money buying their condo than people who buy single-family homes. Buying a condo is an investment without the headaches associated with the upkeep and expense of a house.

Sense Of Community

There are plenty of homeowners who say they have a sense of community in their neighborhood, but it’s not the same as the sense of community in a condo complex. Condo owners live a lot closer together and don’t have big yards separating them.

Living in a suburban house, you can quite literally go weeks without seeing your next door neighbor, this is quite a difficult task when you own a condo.


If you enjoy traveling or spend a lot of time at work, a condo is probably a great fit for you. Condos offer simple lock-it-up-and-go lifestyles. You can take off for a two-week vacation on a secluded beach and not have to worry about watering the lawn.

If you are interested in owning a condo, give Sterling Real Estate a call.

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