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In a few of our more recent posts, we’ve highlighted the many wonderful communities that central Atlanta has to offer. From Old Fourth Ward to Midtown to Buckhead to downtown to Kirkwood to Inman park to Poncey-Highlands…there’s a lot to like about the idea of living in the heart of Atlanta.

In today’s post, we are going to continue with the trend, with a slight twist — highlighting some nearby neighborhoods that aren’t in the proper heart of Atlanta, yet still have a lot to offer. What’s more, they are also neighborhoods and communities that we know very well here at Team Sterling, and as such we’d love to describe them for anyone who is thinking about moving to Atlanta.

Why Team Sterling?

But before we dive straight in, we’d like to explain

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It might be a bit cliche to say that Christmas will be here before you know it. Still, it doesn’t make it any less true. It is also true that given the hectic pace of the holiday season, it makes it that much more difficult to create meaningful memories between now and the new year.

There are customs and traditions that surround the holidays that you cherished growing up. These are activities that you, your siblings and your parents loved and enjoyed together every year. Now that you have settled into your dream home and have a family of your own, it is time to start some holiday traditions of your own.

We are quite sure you have already implemented at least a few traditions, perhaps those you enjoyed as a child. While decorating the tree and making

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In the real estate business, curb appeal is known as the frosting on the cake and it refers to the overall appearance of a property from the street. People who are shopping for a new home will often drive by a property that is for sale and inspect it before making a decision to take a look at the inside or not.

This means that if your home doesn’t look desirable from the outside, you will have a difficult time getting anybody to take a look at the inside. Yes, curb appeal is that important. So if you are considering petting your home n the market, it is in your best interest to make your home as appealing as possible on the outside. It doesn’t matter how awesome the interior of your home is, nobody is interested in looking at it if you don’t have curb

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We call ourselves “Atlanta’s Real Estate Geeks” here at Team Sterling. We believe that tech moves real estate in a newfound way. And though having responsive, tech-savvy real estate agents working for us is only one slice of the pie, having access to a real estate company that is on the cutting edge of the industry goes a long way toward helping our clients buy or sell in Atlanta.

As this post’s title no doubt gave away, we’ll be taking the opportunity to highlight Atlanta’s many virtues for the bulk of today’s article. We’d be remiss, however, if we failed to point out a few of our own virtues here at Team Sterling. So before we talk about the bustling nightlife of downtown Atlanta or the rich heritage of Buckhead, allow us to say a few words about

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Do you love the colorful Victorian homes of Inman Park? Filled with picturesque Victorian mansions, this beautiful neighborhood is conveniently close to Little Five Points, Candler Park, Decatur, East Atlanta, and Downtown. Over the years, this historical neighborhood has experienced its ups and downs. What’s the story behind this unique neighborhood?

Atlanta’s First Planned Residential Suburb

Back in the late 1800’s, city workers lived and worked in the bustling downtown area. In an effort to obtain more peace and quiet for residents, Joel Hurt began building homes two miles east of downtown Atlanta on the land previously destroyed during the Civil War.

Fascinated by trolley neighborhoods in other parts of the country, Hurt built homes along the

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In our last blog, we explained the difference between OTP and ITP. As you may remember, living ITP means you live inside the perimeter in the heart of Atlanta. If you live OTP, you live in its surrounding suburbs. Although we highlighted the perks of living ITP, we failed to mention the perks of living OTP. If you have a family, living outside the perimeter might be the best option for you.


Unfortunately, one of the major downfalls of living in an urban environment is crime. It’s not unusual to have your car broken into in the city if you leave it parked on the street overnight. Although crime happens anywhere, including the suburbs, it won’t occur at the frequency it would in the city.


Depending on where you live, urban living

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If you live in the Metro Atlanta area, you’ve probably heard locals discuss the difference between living OTP and ITP. Often, both sides engage in heated debates on why their side of the fence is better. What exactly are OTP and ITP?

A major highway for city commuters, Interstate 285 circles around the city and is referred to as “the perimeter.” ITP refers to the urban area inside the perimeter while OTP refers to the suburbs located outside of the perimeter. Today we would like to discuss the perks of living ITP.

Shorter Commute

Let’s face it; Atlanta traffic is a nightmare. Commuting from the suburbs is long, time-consuming and stressful. Major highways are filled with wannabe NASCAR drivers and road rageaholics. Anyone from out of town could

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If you love Atlanta, Candler Park is one of the best neighborhoods in the entire city. With about 55 acres of green space, the park itself is perfect for a taking a walk, playing basketball or having a picnic. During certain times of year, you could even take advantage of the free outdoor movies the community plays in the park. If you’re new to Atlanta, here are a few reasons to check out Candler Park.

Bohemian Vibe

If you are seeking a laid-back, progressive community, Candler Park is for you. With a truly small town feel in a big city, the heart of this community includes its residents and plethora of unique small businesses.


You don’t have to travel far to find delicious food when you live in Candler Park. If you’re craving

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