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There are plenty of really good reasons you should be calling Sterling Real Estate, your real estate office in Atlanta. You should call them because you are throwing money away renting your apartment, buying real estate is an investment that will pay off nicely in time. You should call because owning a house means not having to listen to the young couple living in the next apartment argue about whose turn it is to clean the litter box. You should call our real estate office because your two- bedroom apartment isn’t fit for a family of four, or five perhaps, you haven’t decided yet.

But the best reason to call us is that the landlord at your apartment complex won’t let you have a dog.

If you already own a dog, you know just how much joy and happiness Fido brings to your life. But if you live in a small apartment that doesn’t allow a dog, you cannot possibly know what you are missing. Here are just a few of the many benefits you enjoy owning a dog.

Physical Health

Good dog owners take their pets on frequent walks, play games like fetch with them and run them around in the park. And as it turns out, being active with your dog is a pretty good way to get exercise and stay healthy.

As we all know, exercise keeps your weight down, keeps your heart healthy and lowers your risk of disease. This is something to keep in mind next time you are sitting around your apartment, bored out of your mind wishing you had something to do.

Emotional Health

When you own a dog, you are never really alone. When all of your friends are busy and you can’t find a date, rest assured Fido will be there to lift your spirits should you feel down. Fido’s love is unconditional and he is happy to see you even if you have only been gone for five or 10 minutes.

After a long and hard day at work, Fido is at home eagerly awaiting you to come through that door so he can jump all over you and smother you with doggie kisses. If there is anybody who can get you out of your funk, it has to be Fido.

Home Security

As a dog owner, you can sleep better at night knowing that you and your home are safe and secure. Just the fact that you own a dog makes your home less targeted by thieves. This holds true even if you own a small dog. Small dogs tend to bark a lot and would-be burglars don’t like that.

Active Social Life

As a pet owner, you have the responsibility of taking Fido for his daily walks and to take him to the park so he can play Frisbee. This leaves you in public and out in the open to run into like-minded people who love exercising and love dogs.

And it is just as likely that you will chat with these people you meet and make new friends. Your activities with Fido will spark your friendships and perhaps even romance.

Be Happy

Studies show that people who own dogs are far less likely to suffer from depression. And dog owners who are diagnosed with depression aren’t as likely to be as depressed as those who don’t own a pet.

Studies also show that owning a dog helps relieve the symptoms of depression and they help encourage people to view their lives in a more positive manner.

Reduce Stress

There are reasons why therapy dogs are so effective, it’s because they really can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. People performing stressful tasks do much better when there is a dog around. Dogs hold the power to ease tensions at the office and between married couples.

Reduce Doctor Visits

People over the age of 65 seek medical attention about 30 percent less often than people who don’t own a pet. A study showed that dog owners report fewer contacts with their doctor than their pet-less patrons. Think about how much money that saves you over the years.

If you are ready to shed that apartment, move into your own home and get a dog, call Sterling Real Estate.

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