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Nicholas Maguire

Buyer’s Specialist

Nicholas is such a rare buyer’s specialist that after negotiating a complex deal on a new construction home, the listing agent asked him to list her own home. Very rarely do you come across someone who has such a dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service as Nicholas. If you asked the other agents on the team, they’d say Nicholas best quantifiable skill is his ability to get his clients the best deals on homes, even when they have multiple offers. Nicholas’ approach to negotiating fiercely for his clients while still maintaining an excellent relationship with the “other side of the table” has earned him a preferred status among many listing agents. So when Nicholas is the buyer’s agent on a contract, his clients’ offers go to the top of the pile of offers.

One broker in charge of training with another well known brokerage shared at the closing table that Nicholas’ offer that won his client the home was one of the best written and creative contracts he’s ever seen — and this was for a home with nine offers on it.

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