February 2019

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Conventional wisdom says that spring is the best time to list your home to get the highest sales price with the lowest number of days on market. After all, when the weather warms up buyers who have been hibernating all winter come out to enjoy the sights and seek-out greener pastures!  The facts back this up. According to research, two of the top 5 days of the year to close with seller’s earning a premium of 8-9% are May 29th and 31st. Homes sold at any time during May typically earn a seller premium of close to 6%, the highest of any month. As a seller, this means you need to start preparing your home now so you are ready to list in April to increase your chances of a sale during this golden hour.

Getting Your Home Ready to List


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Ever found yourself pulling into the office only to start worrying that you left the iron or the coffee pot on? Do you get the nagging suspicion your kids are watching T.V. when they are supposed to be doing homework? Smart Homes are making these nagging little concerns - and bigger ones like keeping the power bill low - a thing of the past.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how we enjoy our living spaces and setting a new standard of living that can be enjoyed on almost any budget. New homes are being outfitted from the ground up with the latest Smart Home technology and older homes are being retrofitted with devices that enhance security, increase energy efficiency, and improve quality of living.  Home functions like lighting, heating,

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