August 2018

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Team Sterling is an Atlanta real estate company worth your consideration. Whether you are looking to sell or buy an Atlanta home, we have the resources, connections, experience, and passion that counts in this industry. Beyond that, we believe that electing to go with Team Sterling is one of the best choices you can make during your Atlanta home buying (or selling) process because we are a team of local realtors that blends innovative expertise with old-fashioned work ethic.

To the first point, we pride ourselves on being a tech-savvy real estate agency. We utilize innovative marketing techniques and tools to get our clients the best possible outcome whether they are buying or selling. Our track record of success speaks for itself in many ways, but we

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The world of real estate doesn’t have to be a vicious one. In this industry, it’s not uncommon to find several real estate companies that are more driven by the bottom line than one that is motivated by their clients’ objectives.

What difference would it make if your Atlanta real estate agent behaved more like a consultant, or even a dedicated specialist — someone who is motivated by the satisfaction that comes with meeting the unique goals of each individual client they work with?

What if, and bear with us here, you didn’t have to choose between expertise and trustworthiness? What if there was a company that blended old-fashioned work ethic with a contemporary tech-savvy approach? How much of a difference would it make if you could be confident

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In our last post, we took the time to highlight more than several Atlanta communities for which we provide real estate services. We’ll continue to do more of that in today’s post, as there are plenty of Atlanta neighborhoods which we did not have time to get to. Among them are West End, Virginia Highlands, Old Fourth Ward, Kirkwood, Inman Park, Edgewood, and Midtown!

We’ll also do something else that was done in our previous post — explain what sets us apart from other Atlanta realtors. To that end, we are an Atlanta real estate company that combines an old-fashioned work ethic and dedication with a staff full of tech-savvy, innovative individuals. For Atlanta home sellers and buyers alike, we work diligently to accomplish your goals within the

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We call ourselves “Atlanta’s Real Estate Geeks” here at Team Sterling. We believe that tech moves real estate in a newfound way. And though having responsive, tech-savvy real estate agents working for us is only one slice of the pie, having access to a real estate company that is on the cutting edge of the industry goes a long way toward helping our clients buy or sell in Atlanta.

As this post’s title no doubt gave away, we’ll be taking the opportunity to highlight Atlanta’s many virtues for the bulk of today’s article. We’d be remiss, however, if we failed to point out a few of our own virtues here at Team Sterling. So before we talk about the bustling nightlife of downtown Atlanta or the rich heritage of Buckhead, allow us to say a few words about

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