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We want to congratulate you on the purchase of your first home. Your home real estate agent from Sterling Real Estate in Atlanta helped you find the perfect property and you are eager to move in and call it home. Of course, you aren’t really looking forward to the actual move itself, nobody like to move. But it has to be done so you may as well make the best of it.

All of your furniture, clothing and other belongings are sprawled out on the floor, silently mocking you. Packing everything up seems like such a daunting task. But before you get all flustered and start pulling your hair out, understand that the whole moving thing doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think. That is, not if you follow these handy and helpful moving tips.

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When searching properties for sale in Atlanta, many of the houses you see will have a garage, perhaps even two or three. You know, the place where you keep your automobile safe and protected from the elements. Many of you might also use the garage to store those bikes you never ride or that old motorcycle that will never get started up again.

We are also guessing that many of you have garages filled with useless junk like old cans of paint that will never get used and a punching bag that you punch about once every other month as you pass by it.

And then there are people who own Hummers and huge pickup trucks that are just too big to fit in their garage. There are also people who simply prefer to keep their cars parked in the driveway.

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If you have a really cool landlord, you love your house or apartment and there is a guarantee that you can live there infidelity without fear of rent going up, then renting is awesome. But as you know, this is just a renter’s dream.

The reality about renting a home or apartment is much different. For example, you never know for sure when rent might be raised or if you will be asked to leave because the owners have decided to sell the house.

Now, that is not to say renting is all bad. Well, at least that is what we hear. Even still, there are several reasons why renting is for the birds. Sterling Real Estate, your real estate office in Atlanta, offers several reasons why you should stop renting and consider buying your own home.

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