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We call ourselves “Atlanta’s Real Estate Geeks” here at Team Sterling. We believe that tech moves real estate in a newfound way. And though having responsive, tech-savvy real estate agents working for us is only one slice of the pie, having access to a real estate company that is on the cutting edge of the industry goes a long way toward helping our clients buy or sell in Atlanta.

As this post’s title no doubt gave away, we’ll be taking the opportunity to highlight Atlanta’s many virtues for the bulk of today’s article. We’d be remiss, however, if we failed to point out a few of our own virtues here at Team Sterling. So before we talk about the bustling nightlife of downtown Atlanta or the rich heritage of Buckhead, allow us to say a few words about ourselves. At the risk of tooting our own proverbial horns, we want folks looking for an Atlanta realtor to know what kind of organization we have here at Team Sterling!

Who We Are At Team Sterling

We’ll say more about how technologically driven we are as a real estate agency in Atlanta below, but not before making sure all of our prospective clients understand that our priority is, and will always remain being, serving you. We are all about you, your experience, your priorities, your goals, your bottom line, and, ultimately, your happiness. Buying or selling an Atlanta home, be it a condo, townhome, or otherwise, is one of the most significant personal and financial decisions you will ever make, so it’s vital to be working with a local realtor that you can trust. We’ll take the time to listen to you and understand what exactly you are looking for. Even if you aren’t sure, we’ll help illuminate possibilities for you, taking you around various Atlanta condos and other homes in different neighborhoods until you have a better feel for what suits you best.

Our Strategy

Here’s a few statistics concerning the effectiveness of our Atlanta real estate company:

  • Our clients save roughly 1.5 percent on the purchase of their new home when choosing Team Sterling
  • On average, our clients sell their homes for roughly five percent higher, when comparing sales price to list price, upon going with Team Sterling.

So what’s our approach? We use a strategy that blends classic industry techniques with novel marketing technology and tools. We are of the belief that growth never stops, and as such we never want to stop learning about new methods of improvement. Because we have a tech background, we are able to harness that knowledge better than most Atlanta realtors. For our clients, all this translates to a more efficient, time and cost-effective approach to buying and selling. It’s led to us becoming one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing real estate agencies. We are fortunate enough to become number one in the state of Georgia in terms of sales volume! As a proactive, responsive, and tech-savvy Atlanta real estate company, there’s good reason for that. We want folks looking for a company like ours to know that we exist and we are ready to learn more about your priorities to turn your dream into a reality.  

Buy Atlanta Condo – A Look At The Best Atlanta Communities

Today’s post is going to provide our readers with some quick-hitting facts about some of the top Atlanta communities out there. Though there is much more to each of these neighborhoods than a paragraph could possibly encapsulate, for the purposes of not making this blog take an hour to read, we thought we would err on the side of brevity! With that in mind, let’s get to the highlighting!

  • Buckhead – Just a few odd years ago, Buckhead was considered a dreary, lifeless part of the city. No longer. Buckhead is a bustling, classy, place-to-be kind of Atlanta neighborhood. One of the ritziest parts of town, Buckhead offers mansions, designer stores, skyscrapers, and general luxury. Consider searching Buckhead homes if you enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown – What was once a mill town, Cabbagetown now is home to vibrant shotgun houses built for factory workers. Just as unique is the adjacent Reynoldstown which was one of the original African-American neighborhoods in Atlanta where many former slaves called home. Each year, Cabbagetown plasts host to the Chomp & Stomp, a chili festival where the great chili cookers of our time come from far and wide to earn the favor of the masses!
  • Candler Park – If lush vegetation, a bohemian atmosphere, and open air in the midst of a bustling metropolis sounds more like your style, Candler Park homes are worth your consideration. This tree-lined park offers a reasonably-priced nine-hole golf course along with a retail strip that includes delightful restaurants such as The Flying Biscuit Cafe, Fellini’s, and La Fonda. Lake Claire is also included within Candler Park’s premises.
  • Capitol View – Oh capitol! Capitol View has fast become one of the quickest-growing communities in all of Atlanta. Once seen as a neighborhood where you needed to keep your wits about you, the neighborhood has received sizable philanthropic investments to help it become quite pleasant and safe. The construction of the belt line has also contributed to it being one of the most popular places to find a new Atlanta condo!
  • Castleberry Hill – Just a few decades ago, Castleberry Hill wasn’t a place you’d want to spend too much time in, due to its general danger. Once referred to as “Snake Nation,” Castleberry Hill has become something of a haven for artists in recent years. These artists took vacant warehouses and converted the property into galleries and work spaces in one of the most wonderful transformations the city has ever seen. Castleberry Hill is near to the Atlanta University Center, as many college students enjoy the neighborhood’s nightlife attractions.
  • Downtown Atlanta – Since 1847, when downtown Atlanta was incorporated, the region has been a bastion of commerce and social activity. When several interstates were constructed in the 1960s, many folks moved out to the suburbs. These days, however, downtown Atlanta has plenty to offer, including a modern streetcar and Georgia State University’s campus!

Looking To Buy An Atlanta Condo? Consider Team Sterling!

Okay, we might have fibbed while biting off more than we could chew. It turns out there are more Atlanta communities, and more to say about each neighborhood, than we initially anticipated. But don’t fret! Look out for our next post in which we’ll highlight notable Atlanta communities that we failed to get to, including Old Fourth Ward, East Atlanta Village, Midtown, and many more!

In the meantime, we at Team Sterling would love to be a part of your Atlanta home buying (or selling) experience. If you’d like to view homes, sell, buy, or learn more about Atlanta condos for sale in any of the aforementioned communities, you are able to do all that and more by simply browsing our menu. Keep in mind that Team Sterling is one of the top Atlanta real estate companies for a good number of reasons. But the primary one is and always will be that we are invested in our clients’ experience and positive outcome. We take the time to listen and understand, and then we’ll go to work for you. If you are ready to work with a dedicated, passionate, and innovative real estate agency in Atlanta, contact Team Sterling today!

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