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If you have a really cool landlord, you love your house or apartment and there is a guarantee that you can live there infidelity without fear of rent going up, then renting is awesome. But as you know, this is just a renter’s dream.

The reality about renting a home or apartment is much different. For example, you never know for sure when rent might be raised or if you will be asked to leave because the owners have decided to sell the house.

Now, that is not to say renting is all bad. Well, at least that is what we hear. Even still, there are several reasons why renting is for the birds. Sterling Real Estate, your real estate office in Atlanta, offers several reasons why you should stop renting and consider buying your own home.

Stuff Breaks

One of the negative aspects of owning your own home is that when something breaks, like the water heater or a faucet, it is your responsibility to get it fixed and pay for it. At least when you own a home, you are the one who decides when it gets fixed and how it should be fixed.

As a renter, you have no say in when things get fixed. You simply have to notify your landlord about the situation and wait for them to resolve it.

No Dogs Allowed

We get it; your landlord doesn’t want any big dogs living in a tiny apartment that offers no yard. But your landlord might not allow a dog of any size and you are renting a rather big house with a big yard.

The decision of whether or not to allow certain pets is up to the landlord, not you. And if you already own a cat or a dog, finding a rental that will accept them can be a pain.

Time to Move, Again

At any time, renters can be asked to leave or not have their leases renewed. There are stipulations, of course, like you must be given a certain amount of time to be moved out. But the fact remains that you are not always the one who decides when you move.

This doesn’t always happen because you are a lousy tenant who pays rent late and makes too much noise. There is any number of reasons why you might be asked to leave. For example, your landlord might decide to sell the property you live in.

Renters are Sad

Researchers asked a group of people about their income, health, economic status and housing type. What they discovered is that people who rent are not as happy as people who own their own homes. So if you are feeling blue, buying a house might cheer you up.

You Hate Atomic Tangerine

As a renter, it is unlikely that you are the one who decides what color to paint the master bedroom, or any other room for that matter. So if your landlord is partial to Atomic Tangerine, then that is one color you will see in the house you rent. Now, Atomic Tangerine might look good at the paint store on a swatch or in a design magazine, but it certainly clashes with your velvet Elvis and Marilyn Monroe print.

Throwing Your Money Away

There is the argument that rent money is dead money. While you certainly get a service and a roof over your head when renting, you are essentially paying somebody else’s mortgage. This is fine for the short term, but it is better to have a long-term investment.

If you are tired of renting, contact Sterling Real Estate.

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