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Sterling Real Estate in Atlanta and Curb Appeal

In the real estate business, curb appeal is known as the frosting on the cake and it refers to the overall appearance of a property from the street. People who are shopping for a new home will often drive by a property that is for sale and inspect it before making a decision to take… read more

Home Real Estate in Atlanta and Moving Tips

We want to congratulate you on the purchase of your first home. Your home real estate agent from Sterling Real Estate in Atlanta helped you find the perfect property and you are eager to move in and call it home. Of course, you aren’t really looking forward to the actual move itself, nobody like to… read more

Real Estate Office in Atlanta and What to do with Your Garage

When searching properties for sale in Atlanta, many of the houses you see will have a garage, perhaps even two or three. You know, the place where you keep your automobile safe and protected from the elements. Many of you might also use the garage to store those bikes you never ride or that old… read more

What Midtown Atlanta Has To Offer

One of the best things about living in Midtown Atlanta is that it offers a perfect blend of a calm neighborhood feel with being able to live in the heart of one of the best cities the entire nation has to offer. In today’s post, we’ll describe what life in Midtown has to offer in… read more

Atlanta Condos For Sale – Nearby Neighborhoods And Beyond!

In a few of our more recent posts, we’ve highlighted the many wonderful communities that central Atlanta has to offer. From Old Fourth Ward to Midtown to Buckhead to downtown to Kirkwood to Inman park to Poncey-Highlands…there’s a lot to like about the idea of living in the heart of Atlanta. In today’s post, we… read more

Why You Should Move Here!

Team Sterling is an Atlanta real estate company worth your consideration. Whether you are looking to sell or buy an Atlanta home, we have the resources, connections, experience, and passion that counts in this industry. Beyond that, we believe that electing to go with Team Sterling is one of the best choices you can make… read more

What Our Clients Are Saying About Team Sterling

The world of real estate doesn’t have to be a vicious one. In this industry, it’s not uncommon to find several real estate companies that are more driven by the bottom line than one that is motivated by their clients’ objectives. What difference would it make if your Atlanta real estate agent behaved more like… read more

Find The Perfect Atlanta Condo In The Right Atlanta Neighborhood

In our last post, we took the time to highlight more than several Atlanta communities for which we provide real estate services. We’ll continue to do more of that in today’s post, as there are plenty of Atlanta neighborhoods which we did not have time to get to. Among them are West End, Virginia Highlands,… read more

Why Move To Atlanta?

We call ourselves “Atlanta’s Real Estate Geeks” here at Team Sterling. We believe that tech moves real estate in a newfound way. And though having responsive, tech-savvy real estate agents working for us is only one slice of the pie, having access to a real estate company that is on the cutting edge of the… read more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!… read more

Fresh off the press! Buckhead Neighborhood Real Estate Statistics: 2017 Recap

We’re proud to introduce the tool that savvy buyers and sellers have been waiting for: the definitive analysis guide on Buckhead real estate. This analysis, combined with our inside sales staff that nurtures over 1000 home buyers and sellers per month, is how we’re a leader in sales price to list price ratios compared to… read more