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When searching properties for sale in Atlanta, many of the houses you see will have a garage, perhaps even two or three. You know, the place where you keep your automobile safe and protected from the elements. Many of you might also use the garage to store those bikes you never ride or that old motorcycle that will never get started up again.

We are also guessing that many of you have garages filled with useless junk like old cans of paint that will never get used and a punching bag that you punch about once every other month as you pass by it.

And then there are people who own Hummers and huge pickup trucks that are just too big to fit in their garage. There are also people who simply prefer to keep their cars parked in the driveway.

Our point is that a garage can be utilized in many ways, not just as a home for your car or a place to store your junk or things you will never use again. If you are a little creative, you can turn your garage into a pretty cool place. A place you might want to actually hang out in and use often. Sterling Real Estate office in Atlanta offers these alternative uses for your garage.


If you enjoy workouts and weight lifting but hate driving to the gym, then turn your garage into one. Perhaps you have a treadmill in the family room, a weight bench in the living room and an elliptical in your bedroom, drag those out to your garage and free up a ton of space in your home.

Home Theater

Your family is really into movies, you can transform your garage into a home theater. You can remodel the garage, making space for a huge flat screen television and decorate the place with comfy chairs and plush couches. You can also add features like soundproofing, a surround sound system and even a popcorn machine.

Man Cave

In most traditional homes, the decor, home furnishings and even the color of the paint are often chosen by the matriarch. That is, the dominant female of the household is the one who chooses the velvet-tufted sofa in the family room, the Atomic Tangerine paint in the kitchen and the green carpet in the bedroom.

Men have little, if any, say when it comes to home decor. And for good reason, of course.

But if you were to transform the garage into a man cave, the tables are turned and the man of the family gets to do the decorating. This means a poker table instead of a velvet-tufted sofa and cheesy posters on the walls instead of framed pictures from Hobby Lobby. Also, you won’t find a single decorative pillow in the man cave.

Game Room

A game room is basically a man cave, except it is a little more family oriented and the female of the household will have some say in how it is decorated.

If you are interested in selling your house, even if the garage is a man cave, contact Sterling Real Estate.

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